All You Need is Love

Most of us have been through that thing called relationship anxiety. Either we really don’t know about it or do, doesn’t change anything with regards to the stresses it brings to every one of us going through that phase. In fact I think that relational anxiety is always present in our everyday lives and it is our handling of it which eventually makes or breaks us in the end.

So why do we always suffer from anxiety of that kind? I have a wild guess about it and it might sound a bit too contrived, but in my opinion, we people have relationship anxieties primarily because of the fact that we don’t want to lose those people whom we have a relationship with. You might call it being possessive or you might also call it love, that’s another story entirely but it simply is like that.

We don’t really want to be alone but the things that we do to ensure that, sometimes go a tad bit too much that we are almost forcing our will against those same people we don’t wanted to lose in the first place. You know the saying that when you hold sand very tightly, tendency is for it to eventually slip out through the spaces in your hand, but when you just hold it gently and loose, it will just stay there undisturbed. If somebody feels constricted in a relationship, then conflict will surely arise, whether we like it or not.

What if we already are in such an anxious state, what do we do? Well every people have their own way of coping with things as they each have their own perspective, own views about everything. Some take prescription meds for anxiety such as anti-depressants, tranquilizers and other drugs like Xanax, valium or Ativan to name a few, which I think is pushing it too far, but I maybe also wrong in my assumption about those drugs, as what do I know about the people who take such medicine, to judge them. So basically whatever works will be fine and to each of his own.

Others take the natural route and take supplements for anxiety. Things like magnesium, Valerian root, Curcumin, Rhodiola, Theanine was said to work wonders on the mind and body of stress sufferers. Vitamin B6, Omega 3 Oils also is being used to combat anxiety disorders in people.

So basically there are so many ways to get out of anxiety as well as ways going in to it. All that one needs to do is to first realize they are in it and stop the things that generally might cause the anxiety in the first place. I know it’s kind of a bit hard doing that, but realization is the start of recuperation.

Relationship anxiety need not be a hard thing if we stay true to our goals of loving one another. Fights can’t really be avoided and they do happen often among those in a relationship. It is how we meet in the middle, how we bow down to each other’s level and how we give way, which is the true cure to relationship anxiety. But eventually, it is always easier said than done.

You Really Don’t want to have Kidney Stones

My uncle recently visited us last week because he was staying in the city for treatments. He has problems with his kidneys and upon hearing that our state has the best doctors for his condition, decided to go here to get himself treated. He said that he had been experiencing difficulty in relieving himself, and that sometimes he feels pain when he is urinating. He said that he did not mind it at first, but what got his attention was when he urinated and found blood with his urine. He panicked at what he saw, and to make the long story short, he is now in our city to go get checked up, and hopefully treated also.

My uncle said that when he started feeling something weird with his kidneys, he immediately started doing water therapy in the hopes that it will eventually solve his problems and stuff. He even started a program of home remedies for kidney stones like the apple cider vinegar mixed with honey drink and also the lemon and olive oil cleanse. He even mentioned trying dandelion roots, diet sodas with citrus flavors, Uva Ursi herb and also baking soda flavored water to name a few. I’ve got to say that he really did his research on it and it was quite impressive to say the least.

Kidney stones are kind of like small mineral deposits that forms in the kidneys. It is said that about ten to fifteen percent of the world’s population experience it at least once in their life. It is usually hereditary and several predisposing factors to it include one having gout, a male, and is aged twenty to forty five years old. In fact, it is said that males are almost about five times more likely to develop them than females. Diet and what you eat is the main culprit for this disease.

I asked my uncle of what do kidney stones feel like in general and how hard is it to have one. For starters, he said that it’s a very terrible thing to experience and that it’s quite a painful feeling that you would not wish it to happen to anyone else. He said that you sometimes feel the urge to urinate, but when you are already in the bathroom facing the urinal, nothing comes out and you still have to strain hard for it to come. You always get the feeling that your bladder is already full yet nothing comes out of it.

But the hardest part, he said, was when urine eventually comes out, not in a continuous flow, but in trickles. You also get a burning sensation in the general area of your genitals, and it also sort of feels like you are urinating small razor blades in place of urine. You really can’t describe the feeling of excruciating pain, he added. Other things he experienced were the constant pain in his lower back that is usually coupled with nausea and sometimes even vomiting, so is the blood in his urine, which really made up his mind to get him checked up.

I really don’t want to have to experience that, I thought to myself. Next thing I knew, I was going to the water dispenser with a large glass, to go get myself some water, not some but lots actually. I thought it would be probably much better that way.

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Problem

A close friend of mine recently gave birth to their second child in two years. They are planning for five children total actually and although I think they are going about it too fast, they are probably on schedule with that. They are both from solo child families and said that they wished to experience big families for a change. I kept thinking of how they eventually came up with the number five, not four or three, which also seems already big to me, but five? Probably your guess is as good as mine with regards to that.

Both their families are well off and both of them got good jobs, so it really isn’t a problem having to take care of their planned five kids. My friend also seemed to have never experienced any problems, with regards to her deliveries and her pregnancy in general. She is also amenable with their plan, so there really is no problem with them fulfilling their dreams.

The only worry my friend had, was about the unsightly stretch marks that has formed in different places in her body. Stretch marks on legs, stretch marks on breasts, stretch marks on her belly, stretch marks everywhere! Maybe that can’t really be helped as her body has gone through severe stretching due to her two pregnancies. I can only imagine her distress once she is finished with the five kids. Has she thought about that?

Stretch marks are streaks or waves of skin that is the result of the skin being stretched for a long time, and then sort of deflated again to its original state. It’s a fairly common occurrence during pregnancy as various parts of the body, particularly the abdomen and breasts, expand to give way for the baby and then contact again when the baby is finally delivered.

She said that she has tried many “how to remove stretch marks” programs, but still her problems persist. It’s really hard dealing with them especially if the propensity for stretch marks runs in the family, as she said that she had researched, that it is, in fact, kind of hereditary.

She enumerated to me many of the items and treatments that she already had tried for her stretch marks. Among them are herbal moisturizers, Retin-A, Dermazan, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin E Oil, Egg oil, essential oils and many other concoctions that I can’t seem to recall at the moment. I got a little bit alarmed when she mentioned Dermazan and Retin-A, among the things she has used to treat her stretch marks, because I have read about them and it was advised never to use them while pregnant or breastfeeding. She just clarified that she knew about it and never used them on those particular situations.

Upset that nothing really seems to work, she said that having a tummy tuck procedure also entered her mind, but ruled against it, as it was a very invasive kind of procedure which also has a long recovery time. She’s now researching about laser treatments for her problem, particularly with vascular laser and laser restructuring, and said that it was her last foray into stretch marks. She said that if those two things eventually don’t work out for her, she will just let the stretch marks alone and move on to other more important things. Good for her, I thought.

Mr. Brown’s Allergy

People it seems are not the only ones typically affected by every kinds of allergy there is, as our pets too are not immune to these kinds of itchy distractions themselves. Maybe the only difference between us and them is that we eventually can do something about these allergies, whilst our pets tend to take it as it is and just wait for it to heal on its own.

Maybe they don’t really understand what is going on and only think of it as something very itchy and stuff. So the responsibility solely rests on our shoulders with regards to their health and general well-being, as our pets do not have anyone else to rely on but us, their masters.

So how do we really know if our pets, particularly our dogs, have allergies? Well, the most common signs of allergies in dogs are also like the symptoms they exhibit when they have a cold. Symptoms like cough and wheezing, uncharacteristically red and teary eyes, stuffy and itchy nose which oftentimes is also runny, and sneezing. So as you can see, it is evident that our pets are not that different from us with regards to having allergies and stuff.

Other tell-tale signs of allergies in dogs are vomiting, diarrhea, constant licking of their body parts, snoring during sleep which is caused by inflammation in their throat, and finally, of scratching almost every parts of their bodies particularly on the paws, back, ears and tails. It is important to immediately treat dog allergies on their onset because of the threat of bacterial infections which may eventually cause shedding, scabbing and crusting of their skin.

Allergy medicine for dogs include anti-histamines which inhibits the production of allergy causing compounds within the dog, decongestants which takes care of clearing air passageways, and also of anti-asthmatic drugs or even steroids to generally quell the swelling which are typical of allergies in dogs.

Our dog Mr. Brown, who has been with us for a long time, is also not immune to such conditions and have almost experienced a whole plethora of allergies during his time with us. The most trouble he had was with his yeast allergy which he managed to acquire because of this nagging habit of being wet all the time. He seems to enjoy the cold and refreshing feeling that water brings on his skin so he really jumps into anything liquid if the chance presented itself.

Water always finds its way into his ears and sort of stay there for long periods. Next thing we knew his head was on a permanent sideways tilt, kind of like he was trying to remove something from it, and he kept scratching at it like crazy. A visit to the vet revealed a thriving yeast infection in his ear, which was also beginning to smell a little that time, and although it was very easy to treat the infection, we had the problem of eventually changing Mr. Brown’s habit of liking water. It was hard doing that as you really can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Needless to say, it was the start of our regular visits to the vet because of it, and unfortunately up to this time, Mr. Brown still not can be stopped getting wet all the time.

Impending Acne Breakout

I have continually experienced having outbreaks of acne on my back ever since I was a teenager. I can’t really tell if it is particularly bad or anything, probably because I can’t really see it that much. I oftentimes only see tiny yellow dots, sometimes clusters of them, and also red ones too. Looking at it in a mirror doesn’t help at all in describing them, what more treating them. Yes I can feel them, especially when I rest my back on something. I can sort of feel them popping up when they are pressed, as with me relaxing on a chair or anything that requires my back leaning against something hard causes them to burst. And as long as it is not on my face or anywhere visible, I just tend to never mind them and just let them run their course.

But yesterday when I was brushing through my hair after a shower, I felt something on top of my head. I brushed again at the area, thinking it was just a clump of hair or something, but this time, as my brush got over it a second time, it stung a little. I had my mom see what it was and she just laughed at me. Apparently my acne is not just relegated to my back anymore, but I also now have scalp acne, find more about these at

Acne and pimples are really not the same things. Pimples are just like surface kinds of things while acne goes deeper into the skin. A breakout of pimples, coupled with blackhead and whiteheads, sometimes also pus, is acne. Acne is a kind of chronic condition wherein it is characterized by frequent breakouts and is usually related to, or attributed to excess hormonal activity in the body. But as I said, whatever it is, as long as it is not on my face or somewhere visible, I was okay with it.

The dermatologist also said that the acne I had was of the nodular acne variety. She also said that I was very lucky to have it only in my back as it oftentimes is a very unsightly kind of acne to have, usually leaving deep scars and pockmarks on the skin after a particularly intense outbreak.

Nodular acnes are like large, quite painful swellings that usually appear under the skin. When they mature, they emerge as a kind of pus filled papules which are also sensitive and painful to touch. It is not recommended to squeeze at it for fear of further aggravating it, making it grow bigger, which also might cause deeper infections within the skin. It generally leaves scars after it heals and is usually treated by lessening the swelling rather than bursting it, like that of pimples.

So I better get myself ready for it then, as they are kind of like creeping steadily from my back, to my head, and then eventually to my face. Maybe I also need to stock up on my Sprintec28 Oral as I might have a battle on my hands. But I also hope the acne on my head is just some aberration of sorts and not the pattern that I think it is. I’ll just continue monitoring it and probably just hope for the best.


I have been one lucky girl when it comes to the sport of hang gliding. Not that I am complaining about it, but in fact I am pretty much happy about it. Hang gliding is an activity that can be pretty deadly at any time yet here I am enjoying every minute of it.

You might call me lucky or something close to it, as I really am. I never suffered anything major or serious all the years that I hang glided and I am not planning on ending that streak soon. We all know that it only takes a single mistake and you will probably end up knocking on heaven’s door because of it.

There are unfortunately, many little achy things, that happens every so often in my performance of this hobby. Nothing ground shaking or death defying but just little scratches here and there, maybe a gash at one time, or a sprained finger in another. There are also those grass burns that happens once in a blue moon, but all in all, nothing to be worried and tell mom about.

From the time I started hang gliding, all the damage that I had obtained were concentrated mainly on my hands or close to it. You very well know the position you are in when you are hang gliding, a sort of Superman pose wherein your hands are either right in front of you or below you and your legs are at the back, safely nestled in a bag and faraway from any trouble.

Especially in the beginning when you are not constantly sticking your landings and such, and you do tend to suffer from such mistakes, and the hands oftentimes catch the brunt of it. You cannot really push your face forward to catch your fall as that is a very stupid thing to do and will result in much greater damage than when you use your hands.

So really the hands are your best friends when it comes to hang gliding. I myself have used them on many occasions and am very thankful for them because of it. If it were not for them, I think I could either be paralyzed or even be dead right now. But they did suffer a lot because of it.

I’ve had dislocated bones in my hands, have had many abrasions and scratches experienced on them, hyper flexed it sometimes, and burned the skin right off them on many occasion. Heck they are have already absorbed many punishment on them to last me two lifetimes and I will not really be surprised if I developed arthritis in fingers anytime soon.

But that’s just a small price to pay for the things that you love doing. You will not have any of the pain that I have told you previously if you did not take up hang gliding, but you will also not experience all the good things, as I have, if you don’t take up the sport. It’s all just a matter of looking at things on their correct perspectives. I love to hang glide and I know I will have to suffer a little because of it. If it becomes a lot, then that is another story.

Far and Away

Hang gliding is a very beautiful activity, the likes of which one can never find anywhere else. It is both a sure and true thing yet there is also that certain element of it that makes it wholly unquantifiable. We all know that it can be a very dangerous thing to do, yet many people still do it, and apparently having the best fun of their lives in the process. So what really is hang gliding?

Well to me, I liken hang gliding to being a baby, of all things. You might think I am crazy or something for what I have just said, or at least you are probably wondering where I am coming from. I too am really at a loss on how I came to that conclusion, but upon careful thinking, I can safely say that I am somewhat correct.

When you are hang gliding, you are in control of yourself, but not totally. Yes you can be very good at hang gliding but you are still at the mercy of the elements, most of which, can always throw you off of whatever it is that you consider as safe. When you go out into the air, any semblance of that control is thrown out the window and you are left praying for your life somewhat, but there at the back of your mind, you always knew that everything is going to be just fine.

Same as when you are just a teeny little baby. You know that you have somewhat a semblance of control of yourself, yet you are not really sure about it. You are also at the mercy of your surroundings and everyone around you and you can do nothing about it except to go with the flow and hope for the best. In other words, you make a leap of faith, not that you can do anything about it.

A baby’s newborn growth spurts is like when you are just starting to learn how to hang glide. It is pretty much easy to learn how to do it and all you have to do really, is know the basics and make sure your equipment are performing up to standards and you are already set. It doesn’t need rocket science to figure out how to do it and once you start, you will become proficient in no time at all.

Going for your first flight on a hang glider is a very hard thing and it can be closely compared to constipation in newborns. You want to go but can’t. You try as hard as you can but cannot really push off and away. Pressure is building and the excitement of finally letting go hangs in the air, and when you finally let go, you will feel free and relief will eventually follow.

Well there it is. My best shot at trying to relate two vastly different things together. You might think I failed miserably at it but I think that I’m just fine. If you have any better ideas the let me know about it. But until that time comes, I think I’ll stick to this one.

Shock from a Rabbit

I got quite the surprise that I didn’t expect today while visiting a friend. I went to their house, which is just kind of at the end of our street, because I got bored. I can’t virtually do anything worthwhile as I am still recovering from the injuries I suffered on my last hang gliding trip, and watching television and surfing the net kind of gets boring sometimes, so I decided that I need to go out a bit.

It was only the second time that I got to enter their house, as our troop don’t usually go to each other’s houses, preferring to always meet somewhere else in particular like the mall, the local park or some other place more convenient. It’s not that we don’t want to see their houses or something, but there is something about our houses that lights a fire in our butts, making us distance ourselves from them, the minute we get the chance to. Maybe it’s just our adventurous ways or something that drives us to go out, and very far from our comfort places.

I just took the off chance that she was home, and I was glad that she really was there eventually. Going up to her room, we passed by something that caught my eye. It was sort of like a stuffed toy that was a cross between a little lion and a rabbit of all things. It was cute actually, and I particularly was attracted to its eyes which was kind of lifelike and stuff.

I was also wondering of why it is there sitting on the table by its lonesome, maybe someone played with it and just left it there or something, so I decided to go get it and bring it with us to her room. My friend just stood at my back, probably waiting for me to get it so that we can go up to her room, or, as I would found out later, waiting for my eventual first reaction when I touched it.

Hurrying to finally bring it with me, I didn’t look when I grabbed it. But, to my great shock, it moved. I thought of the stuffed toy being possessed by something and I ran towards my already laughing friend. I eventually recovered and we had a good laugh, unfortunately at my expense.

I never thought that there were bunny breeds like that, hence my shock when I saw it move, as I particularly know that all of them look the same and that only the colors of their fur and size of their ears are different from each other. But boy was I wrong.

My friend told me that they were in fact Lionhead Bunnies and they were kind of a new breed of rabbits, circa 1990’s, that came from Belgium. They have very furry ears and have a mane that is similar to a lions but on a smaller scale, they have upright bodies and usually weigh around two to three pounds.

I told my friend that she should’ve told me that earlier to save me the scare that I experienced and that it was a good thing I didn’t have a heart problem or else I would’ve been dead, and it would be all her fault. She just looked me straight in the eye and laughed, for a long time.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Too much of a good thing is bad, a saying that is particularly so true with us humans. I tried to think of some things which might prove it otherwise, but I’m afraid I still haven’t found any yet. Money and love came very close to disproving it, but they failed eventually, as too much money really is bad for anyone and you can just imagine the bad that might befell someone who has too much of it. Same with love, in that if ever it becomes too much, the recipient may feel drowned and overwhelmed by it or something. So I think the saying really is true and may be applied to whatever I might think of.

I also thought about my little brother who is already going three hours in, playing on the beach with his toys. He seems oblivious to everything around him and just focuses on playing with his toys. He looks very happy doing whatever it is he is doing and he also seems to be enjoying himself. So is that a bad thing, him playing that long? Unfortunately it was, as we had found out later.

Packing our bags and whatnot for the trip home, my little brother cried, no, bawled uncontrollably when I tried to dry him off and put clothes on him. I was very surprised by his initial reaction to my rubbing the towel against his skin that I didn’t notice how truly reddish it has become. I only stopped when I realized that he was sunburned too much and that my actions really hurt him.

Upon closer inspection, there were several blisters that had formed on the back of his shoulders, probably caused by being under the sweltering heat of the sun for so long. There being blisters on his now angry, red colored skin, typically means that it is somewhat like second degree sunburn. Probably his epidermis and dermis had been affected and deep nerve endings also compromised, and I know for a fact, also based from my experience with it, that these kinds of sunburns really hurt so much. What more if a beach towel is repeatedly rubbed against it.

After apologetically hugging my little bro, making sure I steer clear of his shoulders, I told him that I would pour a little cold water on him to ease the pain from his sunburn a little. He eventually relented and we went home with him really having no shirt on. I keep thinking of a way to help him all throughout the trip, then I remember how vinegar helped me so much, the times I experienced sunburns.

Back home, I immediately put apple cider vinegar on a sprayer and gently misted it on his shoulders. I asked him what it felt and he said that it was cool to the skin and that the stinging also stopped. Well that was quick. After the vinegar, I applied coconut oil on his skin to further treat and insulate his skin. It didn’t hurt at all the next day. Vinegar for sunburn really works.

So I eventually thought about the vinegar, and how good it was on the sunburn. Is too much vinegar bad for the skin? Apparently yes. Too much of a good thing, whatever it is, really is bad.

The Air Out There

My back hurts, my shoulder hurts, and everything seems to hurt at the same time all over my body. Maybe that’s the price to pay for loving something so much. I’m not regretting anything but jeez, I should have stuck that landing perfectly with my eyes closed. I have done it many times before that last one, all of them textbook landings and then there was this. Maybe I just got complacent about things and forgot to remember the basic ones. Maybe I was just too engrossed on the spectacular view from above that I didn’t notice land closing in on me, or maybe, just maybe, I am just plain old stupid.

It happened the other day when we were out hang gliding and stuff. It was such a marvelous day for it and we could not have picked a better day to enjoy our hobby. The breeze was superb but not that strong and the visibility was for miles, which eventually also got us so worked up, that we even forgot to setup camp, instead heading straight to assembling our gliders and what-not’s. We trekked towards the edge of a cliff and launched ourselves to the mercy of the wind and Mother Nature, one by one, like little birds on their maiden flights. It was an uneventful launch and soon we were airborne, all five of us.

It’s tranquil out there, up in the sky. There is a kind of silence that I only experience the times I hang glide. Just you, the hang glider and the air, wind rushing at your face, cold, sometimes biting, but always calming. You see only the tops of everything, trees, houses, cars, and people scurrying around like ants. You see rivers and pass through mountains, you just get lost in the moment, hoping it will never end and you don’t have to land for anything, ever.

I knew I was close to landing, or did I. My friends say that they saw me eventually slowing down as if to land myself or something to that effect, but to their great surprise, I never did get my feet out of the harness to support my landing, instead landed myself still clutching at the bar, somewhat superman like. They rushed to me, fearing the worst and expecting injuries, instead they found me smiling sheepishly at them.

Let’s just say I got lost in the moment and keep it at that. Anyway, whatever lapses in training I did I eventually paid for big-time. I got the elbows of my suit thrashed as well as my pants, control bars of the glider bent, flying wires snapped, plastic battens ripped as well as several contusions and pain between shoulder blades to round it all off. I forgot to mention shoulder instability close to shoulder subluxation because of the way I landed which, as my friends would say, got perfect ten’s in form but all zeroes in function.

Doctors said that I managed to hyper stretch several tendons and ligaments located in my shoulder thereby causing undue stress on the said socket joint. They said I was to refrain from any physical activity requiring the use of my shoulders as they may cause further instability in the area.

Although I was sad by the turn of events, if I were given the chance to do it all over again, I would still do what I did. The feeling I experienced out there would last me for a long time, injuries and all.