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I have been one lucky girl when it comes to the sport of hang gliding. Not that I am complaining about it, but in fact I am pretty much happy about it. Hang gliding is an activity that can be pretty deadly at any time yet here I am enjoying every minute of it.

You might call me lucky or something close to it, as I really am. I never suffered anything major or serious all the years that I hang glided and I am not planning on ending that streak soon. We all know that it only takes a single mistake and you will probably end up knocking on heaven’s door because of it.

There are unfortunately, many little achy things, that happens every so often in my performance of this hobby. Nothing ground shaking or death defying but just little scratches here and there, maybe a gash at one time, or a sprained finger in another. There are also those grass burns that happens once in a blue moon, but all in all, nothing to be worried and tell mom about.

From the time I started hang gliding, all the damage that I had obtained were concentrated mainly on my hands or close to it. You very well know the position you are in when you are hang gliding, a sort of Superman pose wherein your hands are either right in front of you or below you and your legs are at the back, safely nestled in a bag and faraway from any trouble.

Especially in the beginning when you are not constantly sticking your landings and such, and you do tend to suffer from such mistakes, and the hands oftentimes catch the brunt of it. You cannot really push your face forward to catch your fall as that is a very stupid thing to do and will result in much greater damage than when you use your hands.

So really the hands are your best friends when it comes to hang gliding. I myself have used them on many occasions and am very thankful for them because of it. If it were not for them, I think I could either be paralyzed or even be dead right now. But they did suffer a lot because of it.

I’ve had dislocated bones in my hands, have had many abrasions and scratches experienced on them, hyper flexed it sometimes, and burned the skin right off them on many occasion. Heck they are have already absorbed many punishment on them to last me two lifetimes and I will not really be surprised if I developed arthritis in fingers anytime soon.

But that’s just a small price to pay for the things that you love doing. You will not have any of the pain that I have told you previously if you did not take up hang gliding, but you will also not experience all the good things, as I have, if you don’t take up the sport. It’s all just a matter of looking at things on their correct perspectives. I love to hang glide and I know I will have to suffer a little because of it. If it becomes a lot, then that is another story.