Far and Away

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Hang gliding is a very beautiful activity, the likes of which one can never find anywhere else. It is both a sure and true thing yet there is also that certain element of it that makes it wholly unquantifiable. We all know that it can be a very dangerous thing to do, yet many people still do it, and apparently having the best fun of their lives in the process. So what really is hang gliding?

Well to me, I liken hang gliding to being a baby, of all things. You might think I am crazy or something for what I have just said, or at least you are probably wondering where I am coming from. I too am really at a loss on how I came to that conclusion, but upon careful thinking, I can safely say that I am somewhat correct.

When you are hang gliding, you are in control of yourself, but not totally. Yes you can be very good at hang gliding but you are still at the mercy of the elements, most of which, can always throw you off of whatever it is that you consider as safe. When you go out into the air, any semblance of that control is thrown out the window and you are left praying for your life somewhat, but there at the back of your mind, you always knew that everything is going to be just fine.

Same as when you are just a teeny little baby. You know that you have somewhat a semblance of control of yourself, yet you are not really sure about it. You are also at the mercy of your surroundings and everyone around you and you can do nothing about it except to go with the flow and hope for the best. In other words, you make a leap of faith, not that you can do anything about it.

A baby’s newborn growth spurts is like when you are just starting to learn how to hang glide. It is pretty much easy to learn how to do it and all you have to do really, is know the basics and make sure your equipment are performing up to standards and you are already set. It doesn’t need rocket science to figure out how to do it and once you start, you will become proficient in no time at all.

Going for your first flight on a hang glider is a very hard thing and it can be closely compared to constipation in newborns. You want to go but can’t. You try as hard as you can but cannot really push off and away. Pressure is building and the excitement of finally letting go hangs in the air, and when you finally let go, you will feel free and relief will eventually follow.

Well there it is. My best shot at trying to relate two vastly different things together. You might think I failed miserably at it but I think that I’m just fine. If you have any better ideas the let me know about it. But until that time comes, I think I’ll stick to this one.