Be Wary of any Pain in your Body

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Any pain that we feel in our body needs to be given its due attention and it is recommended that we get to the source of whatever pain that we are feeling posthaste, or risk suffering from other more debilitating illnesses because of it. The saying that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure rings true to these kinds of situation as it is better if we dealt with the simple things immediately and not wait for it to blossom into something more out of our control.

There is no better example of this that what my dad has experienced a couple of months ago. An event that started from a simple thing that was very easy to overlook and pass off as ordinary wear and tear from everyday living. Good thing mom is always there for us, suspecting everything unusual as she is wont to do. Fortunately for dad, this time she was also right. Nothing beats the urgency of knowing about an illness, and the bad things it could eventually bring, especially when it hits close to home.

Dad is always such a busy bee around the house, tinkering with things, gardening, repairing broken things, name it and most probably he’s done it. That day he was out in the sun repairing one of the gutters which somehow become clogged, probably of leaves, which probably was what caused the rainwater to backflow into the ceiling of our bathroom.

Dad finished his repairs eventually and came down clutching at his waist and complaining about lower left back pain. He said that what caused it was the awkward position he was in, the whole time he was on the roof and just let it at that. Mom just gave him a towel for his sweaty head and a glass of water for his efforts.

Later that evening, the pain that dad was feeling somewhat transferred to the other side of his body and now he was complaining of right side back pain. Mom got a little bit worried about it as she said that it was not ordinary for pain to just transfer to other parts of the body, not unless there is something there that is causing all the trouble, and she was right.

Right side back pain are a symptom to a whole list of ailments and conditions, some more serious than others, but all of them warranted immediate attention. Typical causes of right side back pain, to name a few, are urinary tract infections, herniated discs, kidney stones, scapular fracture, spinal stenosis, lumbar muscle strain, slipped disc, sciatica and to top it all off, gallbladder problems.

Dad experienced fever and chills that afternoon which necessitated a quick trip to the emergency room, and after a couple of imaging tests and of dye injections to his system, gallbladder stones was eventually diagnosed. Good thing the stones were just small in size as to require general surgery to remove the gallbladder and stuff. Laparoscopic surgery was instead performed to get rid of the offending stones. Dad was up and running in no time.