Life Defined, Unsuccessfully

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You shouldn’t really take your health for granted no matter what the cost as you really only live once and everything that you do reflects to it. You are either adding to your time or decreasing it, but it seems to be lost on most people, the gravity of the situation that they are in. We were all born already dying and we wouldn’t really want to hasten the process, or do we? So how do we live our lives?

Would life become pretty much boring and uneventful if we adhere to the goal of prolonging it to its fullest potential? Do we really “live” if we are always afraid of getting sick or injured, or dead for that matter?

It may vary upon each one of us as we all have our own definition of living. But of course we ideally want to live our allotted days to the fullest, always making sure each day counts and such, as we are already dying anyway right? We really want to experience as much things as possible while we live, to really live our lives. So which is which?

Maybe the trick is in finding the balance between the two. We get to do whatever we wanted to, but at the same time being always careful if it would do us harm in any way. Sounds very easy to do, but the crux of the matter is in its execution and maybe in its interpretation too. For example, are we really being mindful of ourselves when we bungee jump? Do we really take care of ourselves when we eat junk food? Maybe we need to consider another thing.

Let’s say we are just living our daily lives routinely uneventful, when all of a sudden, and from out of nowhere, we experience pain in right arm as describe by experts at We then don’t think anything of it and just brush it aside thinking of it as just a fluke or some random thing that has to happen. What could possibly go wrong when you are all around healthy and have no vices to speak of because you value your life highly? It eventually passes and we then tend to just forget about it.

When suddenly another day comes and you felt numbness in left arm without any reason for it to be occurring, you begin to worry a little as you know that pain in the arms coupled with numbness in either of them is a sure sign of heart disease among other things. You then find yourself lost and disoriented.

You ask yourself of what happened to the healthy living that you espoused so vigorously, of all the time spent doing exercises, of all the food you never ate because they were “not good” for you, and all the other happy things you sacrificed and had never done because it was bad for the body. Why is it then that you have this sickness now?

Maybe it was never the balance in living that is the answer to life in the first place. Maybe it’s all just plain luck that some people get to live long yet enjoy their lives, while some others who are very careful with themselves live cruelly short lives. Maybe it’s really a combination of all known things and more, definitely more that we can ever imagine. So how do we really live our lives? Well, your guess is as good as mine.