Of Bunions and Shoes

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I have been searching a long time for a shoe that is somewhat easy on the feet for bunion sufferer like I am. I know there are several manufacturers out there that make such kinds of shoes. Maybe I’m just not searching hard enough, but I also know that I have to eventually, because these feet of mine are not getting any better.

I have what is known as tailors bunion or bunions that are on the opposite side of the feet. Typically, bunions grow on the joint of the foot nearest to the big thumb but mine grows near the joint of the pinky finger of the foot. It’s very painful every time something gets to touch it, especially shoes that are narrow on that particular area.

This bunion of mine, although having a different name and location to where bunions normally are, has just the same mechanics as those that form near the big toe. What causes bunions really are the movements of the bones of the big toe of the feet, or in my case the little toe, towards the direction of the next toe, the one closest to it.

What causes this sliding of the bone towards the next bone is often attributed to hereditary factors such as the inherent weakness and mechanical faultiness of the bones in the feet. Another aggravating factor to the formation or worsening of bunions is the wearing of ill-fitting shoes that tends to support the bone slide in that general direction, as we all are wont to wear shoes that typically tapers narrowly towards the end.

I have tried many things to somehow ease the pain that I experience with my bunions but it seems that the right kind of footwear is truly the best remedy in my given situation. When I wear shoes, I’ve tried putting pads on the area where the bunion is located. I tried icing my foot for long periods hoping for the swelling to subside. I also tried those so called orthotic devices, largely similar to the pads that I made but more formal looking and everything just seemed to work for a while but after about an hour or so, the pain just comes back.

I was planning about having corticosteroid injection treatment for my bunions but I was afraid to go with it, as I have a great fear of needles. Surgery also entered my mind but I thought it was too invasive to worth contemplating about. Besides, my bunion really does hurt, but not too much to warrant a surgery on it.

The only times that I did not have to worry about my bunions is when I’m at home and just wearing flip flops. They are great on the feet and really does not offer any restrictions, nor cramp my feet, any more than almost wearing nothing at all. It’s too bad I can’t wear them at the office or any place where decorum is needed because I really love wearing them. Best bet really is on finding the right kind of shoes for my feet and everything would just be gravy after that.