All You Need is Love

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Most of us have been through that thing called relationship anxiety. Either we really don’t know about it or do, doesn’t change anything with regards to the stresses it brings to every one of us going through that phase. In fact I think that relational anxiety is always present in our everyday lives and it is our handling of it which eventually makes or breaks us in the end.

So why do we always suffer from anxiety of that kind? I have a wild guess about it and it might sound a bit too contrived, but in my opinion, we people have relationship anxieties primarily because of the fact that we don’t want to lose those people whom we have a relationship with. You might call it being possessive or you might also call it love, that’s another story entirely but it simply is like that.

We don’t really want to be alone but the things that we do to ensure that, sometimes go a tad bit too much that we are almost forcing our will against those same people we don’t wanted to lose in the first place. You know the saying that when you hold sand very tightly, tendency is for it to eventually slip out through the spaces in your hand, but when you just hold it gently and loose, it will just stay there undisturbed. If somebody feels constricted in a relationship, then conflict will surely arise, whether we like it or not.

What if we already are in such an anxious state, what do we do? Well every people have their own way of coping with things as they each have their own perspective, own views about everything. Some take prescription meds for anxiety such as anti-depressants, tranquilizers and other drugs like Xanax, valium or Ativan to name a few, which I think is pushing it too far, but I maybe also wrong in my assumption about those drugs, as what do I know about the people who take such medicine, to judge them. So basically whatever works will be fine and to each of his own.

Others take the natural route and take supplements for anxiety. Things like magnesium, Valerian root, Curcumin, Rhodiola, Theanine was said to work wonders on the mind and body of stress sufferers. Vitamin B6, Omega 3 Oils also is being used to combat anxiety disorders in people.

So basically there are so many ways to get out of anxiety as well as ways going in to it. All that one needs to do is to first realize they are in it and stop the things that generally might cause the anxiety in the first place. I know it’s kind of a bit hard doing that, but realization is the start of recuperation.

Relationship anxiety need not be a hard thing if we stay true to our goals of loving one another. Fights can’t really be avoided and they do happen often among those in a relationship. It is how we meet in the middle, how we bow down to each other’s level and how we give way, which is the true cure to relationship anxiety. But eventually, it is always easier said than done.