Impending Acne Breakout

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I have continually experienced having outbreaks of acne on my back ever since I was a teenager. I can’t really tell if it is particularly bad or anything, probably because I can’t really see it that much. I oftentimes only see tiny yellow dots, sometimes clusters of them, and also red ones too. Looking at it in a mirror doesn’t help at all in describing them, what more treating them. Yes I can feel them, especially when I rest my back on something. I can sort of feel them popping up when they are pressed, as with me relaxing on a chair or anything that requires my back leaning against something hard causes them to burst. And as long as it is not on my face or anywhere visible, I just tend to never mind them and just let them run their course.

But yesterday when I was brushing through my hair after a shower, I felt something on top of my head. I brushed again at the area, thinking it was just a clump of hair or something, but this time, as my brush got over it a second time, it stung a little. I had my mom see what it was and she just laughed at me. Apparently my acne is not just relegated to my back anymore, but I also now have scalp acne, find more about these at

Acne and pimples are really not the same things. Pimples are just like surface kinds of things while acne goes deeper into the skin. A breakout of pimples, coupled with blackhead and whiteheads, sometimes also pus, is acne. Acne is a kind of chronic condition wherein it is characterized by frequent breakouts and is usually related to, or attributed to excess hormonal activity in the body. But as I said, whatever it is, as long as it is not on my face or somewhere visible, I was okay with it.

The dermatologist also said that the acne I had was of the nodular acne variety. She also said that I was very lucky to have it only in my back as it oftentimes is a very unsightly kind of acne to have, usually leaving deep scars and pockmarks on the skin after a particularly intense outbreak.

Nodular acnes are like large, quite painful swellings that usually appear under the skin. When they mature, they emerge as a kind of pus filled papules which are also sensitive and painful to touch. It is not recommended to squeeze at it for fear of further aggravating it, making it grow bigger, which also might cause deeper infections within the skin. It generally leaves scars after it heals and is usually treated by lessening the swelling rather than bursting it, like that of pimples.

So I better get myself ready for it then, as they are kind of like creeping steadily from my back, to my head, and then eventually to my face. Maybe I also need to stock up on my Sprintec28 Oral as I might have a battle on my hands. But I also hope the acne on my head is just some aberration of sorts and not the pattern that I think it is. I’ll just continue monitoring it and probably just hope for the best.