Shock from a Rabbit

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I got quite the surprise that I didn’t expect today while visiting a friend. I went to their house, which is just kind of at the end of our street, because I got bored. I can’t virtually do anything worthwhile as I am still recovering from the injuries I suffered on my last hang gliding trip, and watching television and surfing the net kind of gets boring sometimes, so I decided that I need to go out a bit.

It was only the second time that I got to enter their house, as our troop don’t usually go to each other’s houses, preferring to always meet somewhere else in particular like the mall, the local park or some other place more convenient. It’s not that we don’t want to see their houses or something, but there is something about our houses that lights a fire in our butts, making us distance ourselves from them, the minute we get the chance to. Maybe it’s just our adventurous ways or something that drives us to go out, and very far from our comfort places.

I just took the off chance that she was home, and I was glad that she really was there eventually. Going up to her room, we passed by something that caught my eye. It was sort of like a stuffed toy that was a cross between a little lion and a rabbit of all things. It was cute actually, and I particularly was attracted to its eyes which was kind of lifelike and stuff.

I was also wondering of why it is there sitting on the table by its lonesome, maybe someone played with it and just left it there or something, so I decided to go get it and bring it with us to her room. My friend just stood at my back, probably waiting for me to get it so that we can go up to her room, or, as I would found out later, waiting for my eventual first reaction when I touched it.

Hurrying to finally bring it with me, I didn’t look when I grabbed it. But, to my great shock, it moved. I thought of the stuffed toy being possessed by something and I ran towards my already laughing friend. I eventually recovered and we had a good laugh, unfortunately at my expense.

I never thought that there were bunny breeds like that, hence my shock when I saw it move, as I particularly know that all of them look the same and that only the colors of their fur and size of their ears are different from each other. But boy was I wrong.

My friend told me that they were in fact Lionhead Bunnies and they were kind of a new breed of rabbits, circa 1990’s, that came from Belgium. They have very furry ears and have a mane that is similar to a lions but on a smaller scale, they have upright bodies and usually weigh around two to three pounds.

I told my friend that she should’ve told me that earlier to save me the scare that I experienced and that it was a good thing I didn’t have a heart problem or else I would’ve been dead, and it would be all her fault. She just looked me straight in the eye and laughed, for a long time.