Too Much of a Good Thing

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Too much of a good thing is bad, a saying that is particularly so true with us humans. I tried to think of some things which might prove it otherwise, but I’m afraid I still haven’t found any yet. Money and love came very close to disproving it, but they failed eventually, as too much money really is bad for anyone and you can just imagine the bad that might befell someone who has too much of it. Same with love, in that if ever it becomes too much, the recipient may feel drowned and overwhelmed by it or something. So I think the saying really is true and may be applied to whatever I might think of.

I also thought about my little brother who is already going three hours in, playing on the beach with his toys. He seems oblivious to everything around him and just focuses on playing with his toys. He looks very happy doing whatever it is he is doing and he also seems to be enjoying himself. So is that a bad thing, him playing that long? Unfortunately it was, as we had found out later.

Packing our bags and whatnot for the trip home, my little brother cried, no, bawled uncontrollably when I tried to dry him off and put clothes on him. I was very surprised by his initial reaction to my rubbing the towel against his skin that I didn’t notice how truly reddish it has become. I only stopped when I realized that he was sunburned too much and that my actions really hurt him.

Upon closer inspection, there were several blisters that had formed on the back of his shoulders, probably caused by being under the sweltering heat of the sun for so long. There being blisters on his now angry, red colored skin, typically means that it is somewhat like second degree sunburn. Probably his epidermis and dermis had been affected and deep nerve endings also compromised, and I know for a fact, also based from my experience with it, that these kinds of sunburns really hurt so much. What more if a beach towel is repeatedly rubbed against it.

After apologetically hugging my little bro, making sure I steer clear of his shoulders, I told him that I would pour a little cold water on him to ease the pain from his sunburn a little. He eventually relented and we went home with him really having no shirt on. I keep thinking of a way to help him all throughout the trip, then I remember how vinegar helped me so much, the times I experienced sunburns.

Back home, I immediately put apple cider vinegar on a sprayer and gently misted it on his shoulders. I asked him what it felt and he said that it was cool to the skin and that the stinging also stopped. Well that was quick. After the vinegar, I applied coconut oil on his skin to further treat and insulate his skin. It didn’t hurt at all the next day. Vinegar for sunburn really works.

So I eventually thought about the vinegar, and how good it was on the sunburn. Is too much vinegar bad for the skin? Apparently yes. Too much of a good thing, whatever it is, really is bad.