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Greetings Friends!!! My name is Jenny and I love hang gliding!!! I am a novice hang glider on the weekends. I started my love of hang gliding at a very young age. It runs in my family as my dad loves to hang glide every weekend. I consider my dad my idol. But lately, I have found another new hang gliding idol!!! His name is Johnny Durand.

This is not his site, but an unofficial fan site. I do hang gliding as a recreational activity and after learning more about him, I gain an even better understanding and respect for the sport of hang gliding. Even if you are not a hang glider, you will be interested to learn more about hang gliding. You will be surprised to find out that Johnny Durand set two world hang gliding records!!! He accomplished this in Australia and the weather conditions was so strong that he almost busted his arm and triceps due to the currents of the wind!!! It was such an impressive accomplishment. Johnny Durand is proof that if you have a dream, go for it and chase it. Hard work does pay off and you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. Also, his two world hang gliding record is so impressive that he is the only one to do this.

Keep checking back for information on hang gliding, my experience and my life.